Sunday, May 11, 2014

Boko Haram

The kidnapping of 250 girls from a girl's school at Chibok in north-eastern Nigeria by the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram has become international news.  Boko Haram means "westernization is forbidden" and it operates in the Hausa-speaking region of Nigeria.  They were founded in 2002 and are responsible for ca. 10,000 deaths in that region.  The group specifically targets girl's schools because they believe that girls should not be educated, and they target churches and even mosques.  It should be noted that Muslim sharia law is in effect throughout northern Nigeria.  In line with the medieval nature of their beliefs, the terrorists burnt down the school at Chibok and they treat the girls like slaves.  Their leader was filmed saying "if Allah wants me to I will sell them in the market."  In other words going back to slavery.  What kind of stupid, backward, primitive movement is this?
What has brought a lot of criticism is that not only did the Nigerian Government appear to do nothing for about a month after the kidnapping, but local police received prior warning of this attack and were completely unprepared.  It is as if this region of Nigeria is beyond the control of the central government.  Indeed the Nigerian authorities admitted they have no idea where the 250 girls are located.  And this is far from the first or last such attack.  Another attack occurred a few days ago in which another school was attacked and another12 girls were kidnapped.

The terrorists rape and murder some girls, the rest they either sell into slavery or use as their own slaves.  Needless to say this retrogressive movement has few sympathizers in Nigeria, yet they manage to obtain arms and to operate unopposed.  The UK, US and other western governments have sent experts to Nigeria to help the government locate the girls and try to rescue them.  It may be too late.  If they want to be considered seriously, moderate Muslims must explicitly reject the archaic aims and methods of this extremist terrorist group.


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