Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Miracles do happen

All the electric lights and power in my studio went out with an impressive bang suddenly one day last week while I was painting there.  Nothing worked, and turning on all the fuses did not work as it usually does.  I was stumped, so I called my friendly electrician and he came over the next day.  He looked around the dark studio and then asked "where is the mains box?"  I replied, "what mains box?" He said "every place has a mains box."  Then he asked me where the inner door in the studio led to, and I told him into the building.  So he asked me to open it and then he went into the basement and up the stairs.  I was waiting in the studio, when suddenly all the lights came on.  When he returned I thanked him, and he said "no need to thank me, I just found the mains box, opened it, saw a switch with your name 'Jack' written on it and I flicked it."    Apparently I had completely forgotten that in the lobby of the building was the mains box, and who had written my name on the appropriate switch (some years before), I did!   He also identified the light that had been burnt out and advised not to replace it in case of another total blackout.  Cost for knowing the right switch to flick, NIS 100. 
We had another minor flood in the studio, not so bad maybe because we closed off the two drains in the area.  I cleaned the water up again, and then complained bitterly to the Chair of the House Committee (Va'ad habayit).  She told me that they had ordered the work to be done on the sewer connection to start as soon as possible.  Guess, what?  The next day a crew of men arrived in trucks and started digging a huge hole in the garden outside the studio.  It may be only a hole in the ground so far, but it's progress.  So far to pay for this hole in the ground has cost me only NIS 2000.
My laptop computer crashed and was constantly recycling between Windows and a blue screen error message, that included a memory dump for informational purposes.  I managed to stop it in mid-cycle and after a while I re-booted it.  There was an error message that said "the last time the computer closed an error was detected, do you want Windows to search for a solution for this problem."  I clicked "yes" and sure enough after thinking for a while, the computer was back to normal.  Luckily the computer is smarter than me and the cost was, nothing.  Miracles do happen.


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