Monday, April 21, 2014

The two-state solution

If a two-state solution is applicable to the Israel-Palestine dispute, why not to other conflicts.  Case in point Syria.  Pres. Assad still controls ca. 40% of Syrian territory, while the other 60% is controlled by the anti-Assad Sunni forces.  Syria was a country cobbled together, like most of the Middle East, by the imperialists Britain and France after WWI.   Now the two sides are reaching a military stalemate, with neither side making significant gains and neither having the means to achieve complete victory.  So let's have a two-state solution in Syria.  Why not?  If its applicable to Israel why not to Syria?
Scotland is going to have a referendum soon to leave the United Kingdom, after 309 years.  There's no doubt that its joining that Union was coerced.  So let's have a two-state solution for the UK, and while we are about it why not a 4-state solution, with Wales, N. Ireland, Scotland and England each going their separate ways, in other words a dissolution of the Union.  Then there's Iraq, that should be improved by the magical two-state solution into Shia and Sunni states, as they virtually are already.  A case in point was the separation of Czechoslovakia into the Czech and Slovakian Republics, that was achieved quite peacefully.  But, India and Pakistan required a major war to divide the sub-continent.
The two-state solution can be applied almost everywhere you look, what about Rwanda, yes separate Hutu and Tutsi States.  And Korea, yes, a North and a South. And why not Ukraine, let's divide it into western Ukraine and Russian eastern Ukraine, a perfect two-state solution.  The usual process in that case is that the eastern regions will have a referendum (just as in Crimea) to either remain independent or to join Russia.  Then of course there is the classic case of Cyprus, yes a division between Greek and Turkish States. And Canada, yes even there the two-state solution could apply, why not an English-speaking Canada and a French-speaking Quebec.  If it applies to Israel it might just as well apply to all other conflicts, since there are usually two sides to each conflict, one solution fits all. 
On the other hand, one might argue that the constant sub-dividing of countries into smaller and smaller entities to satisfy each ethnic, religious or language group is not good, the process needs to stop at an intermediate level, since countries, such as the USSR are too large, or countries like Palestine are too small.  Countries need to be effective and functioning units that not only can control their territories, but also are economically viable and can survive independently.  Look how some of the countries that make up the EU have been struggling recently (such as Greece) and had to be rescued financially otherwise they would effectively cease to exist.  Why bring more such tiny cantons into the world as sovereign countries.  Leave Israel and all the others alone, let them be sovereign within their natural borders.


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