Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Indyk and his ilk

Martin Indyk recently made a speech blaming the breakdown of the recent so-called peace negotiations between Israel and the PA on Israel's construction policy in the West Bank.  He also blamed the Palestinians, but that was a minor comment and his criticism of Israel received all the coverage.  Indyk is a particular kind of Jewish political parasite that makes his career out of criticizing Israel.  Others in this category are Dennis Ross, Aaron David Miller, Daniel Kurtzer and Dan Shapiro.  They are all Jewish and all of them have prostituted their Jewishness as a representative of the US government to support positions that are popular with US Administrations. 
Indyk is a particularly unpleasant example of this Jewish Middle East expert (JMEE) syndrome, he came from Australia, and to become Pres. Clinton's JMEE he took US citizenship.  He was well-known for pandering to the Palestinians, in order to show that as a Jew he was not prejudiced towards Israel, in fact you could say that all JMEE's bend over backwards to become the "court Jews" of their time.  Dennis Ross in his autobiographical account, "The Missing Peace: The Inside Story of the Fight for Middle East Peace" (2004), about his time as the JMEE of the George W. Bush and Clinton Administrations admitted that he gave Yasir Arafat millions of US dollars and that Arafat used this money to fund his personal sycophants and to subsidize terrorism against Israel.  Yet at the time Ross took a decidedly anti-Israel stance to bring pressure on the Israeli government to make concessions to Arafat. 
Aaron David Miller has been a US JMEE for some years.  Like most of them, he criticizes Israel for acting in its own interests and not those of the US as perceived by him.  But, when out of office these JMEEs come to Israel and make statements to try to paste over their former criticisms.  On the other hand, the truly anti-Israel extremists in the US, such as Walt and Mearsheimer, see in the appointment of such JMEE's the insidious hand of international Zionism, the Jewish conspiracy.  Kurzer who was the US Ambassador to Israel and Shapiro who is the current Ambassador, take the position that they know what is best for Israel, because they represent the power of the US, and so they participate in pressuring the Israel Government into making concessions that not only are not in Israel's interests, but in the long run would also endanger the US, such as the release of Palestinian prisoners who are terrorists with blood on their hands and who are overtly anti-American as well as anti-Israel.  Will they accept the blame if Israeli and American citizens are murdered by these recidivists?



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