Thursday, August 14, 2014

Obama's reaction

President Obama said in a recent interview that "Pres. Abbas of the PA is too weak to make peace and PM Netanyahu is too strong."  Is that what passes for serious analysis in the mind of the President.  Give me a break, what nonsense, what does it mean? How can you be too strong to make peace, on the contrary, if a leader is too weak to make peace, that's understandable, he cannot bring his constituency along with him, he cannot guarantee that they will honor the agreement he makes, but the converse is not true, if a leader is strong, then he can make peace, he can bring his people and his government along with him. So this analysis makes no sense.  But it can be understood, as a basis for Obama's thinking, that because PM Netanyahu is so strong, he must be weakened, he must be cut down to size, he must be as weak as the PA President.  But, then of course, no one will be able to make peace.  Can anyone tell me that this President really has any idea what he is talking about?  This is the person who must ensure the West's survival against the galloping expansion of the most hard-line murderous regime since Nazi Germany came on the scene, the terrorists of the Islamic State.
Oh, yes, I forgot, Obama gave the order for the USAF to blast the forward elements of the IS attacking the Kurdish enclave in northern Iraq.  How many bombs so far, 6?  Does anyone think that is going to make a significant difference.  They already are well equipped with US arms because they took them from the US-backed and trained Iraqi Army, that melted away as soon as they saw the IS coming. The decision to put so much funding and arms into the Iraqi Army should be investigated by Congress.  It was one of the biggest mistakes in the history of US foreign policy.  But, be that as it may, we are now at the situation where the IS is still expanding, while carrying out genocide on every minority, such as the Yazidis and the Christians.  Before they consolidate their power is the time to attack them, waiting too long will allow them to become entrenched as the new Islamic Caliphate and they will become a greater danger to the US and the West than al Qaeda ever was.
The "moderate" Muslim States such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Kuwait are very concerned.   After taking Iraq and Syria, they are next on the IS list, since their version of Islam is heretical.   I would like to ask the thousands of those non-Muslims who have been demonstrating against Israel and in favor of Hamas whether they know how many Christians are left in Gaza.  Of course, they might not care that Christians are being persecuted, expelled and ethnically cleansed throughout the Middle East.  In fact in Gaza there is estimated to be ca. 3,000 when there once was 50,000.  In Bethlehem in the Palestine Authority, where there was once 85% Christians there are now 20%.  In Baghdad, after bombings and massacres and desecration of Churches, most of the Christians have fled.  Now in northern Iraq in Mosul and Ninevah, where Christians have lived for 2,000 years, long before the Muslim conquest, Christians are being expelled, murdered, and even crucified by the forces of the Islamic State (also known as ISIS).  Israel is the only country In the Middle East where Christians are not persecuted.

But, why should I care, there used to be Jews in these places too, all over the Middle East, and in Iraq for thousands of years, before Christianity and before Islam arrived.  But, the Christians did nothing when the Muslims expelled the Jews, they even helped, to prove their loyalty (a Christian Arab, Michel Aflaq, founded the Ba'ath party).  It didn't help them.  Remember that phrase of Pastor Niemoller: "First they came for the socialists - and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist; then they came for the trade unionists - and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist; then they came for the Jews - and I did not speak out, because I was not a Jew; then they came for me - and there was no one left to speak for me."  If all these nice leftists think they will be exempt, forget it, they will be the first to be chopped up, literally, by the forces of fundamentalist Islam that are now on the march in the Middle East, of which Hamas in Gaza is only a small part.

President Obama, has risen from his usual slumbers and made a decision.  He has decided to send arms to the Kurds and to drop targeted bombs on the IS fighters driving north who are only a short ride from Irbil, the capital of the Kurdish Autonomous Region.  Having routed the Yazidis, a small sect that is non-Muslim and the Christians, IS is now bent on destroying the KAR.  If they manage to defeat the Peshmerga forces of the KAR, as they did earlier in Kirkuk, then there could be massacres of millions of people.  Tell that to the ignorant idiots who are shouting their support for Hamas.  But, I doubt that they would have the intelligence to understand.


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