Sunday, October 19, 2014

What planet is this?

When I wake up in the afternoon after a nap I need time to get my bearings.  I often ask, "what planet is this?" just to make sure I'm in the right place.  Nowadays I'm not sure.  On this planet people are being beheaded as a routine punishment for being who they are, who they were born as.  On this planet people are firing thousands of missiles into towns and cities, and yet they are supported enthusiastically by a large proportion of the population of the "neutral" countries.  On this planet there are people taking over large swathes of the Middle East who are against music, against women wearing dresses and who execute anyone who does not agree with them.
Come to think of it, I am not sure I want to be an inhibitant of this planet.  But, I don't seem to have a choice, short of becoming an astronaut and being fired into space.  Anyway, this is where all my loved ones live, and I couldn't be parted from them.  Also, we live on an island on this planet, surrounded by a region of inhospitable envionments and hostile people.  Yes, there may be nice Arabs and Muslims, but remember that a majority of those living in Gaza voted for Hamas, a declared terrorist organization that intends to murder all Jews, if it can get its hands on them, and to destroy a sovereign recognized member state of the UN.  Also, the Islamic State does not seem to have any difficulty getting Sunni adherents for its cruel and ruthless campaign to destroy every culture in the Middle East except its own, which itself is based on primitive medieval concepts.
The Gaza Donor's Conf. received pledges of b$5.4 for the reconstruction of Gaza, even more than expected.  The Arabs are always generous in pledging. but not so good at actually paying up.  However, compare this to the pledges for fighting the Ebola epidemic, judged to be the most severe international health emergency since the AIDS outbreak, m$400 was pledged, and essentially none by the Arabs.  So Gaza outranks Ebola by a factor of 12!  Weird!  I'm trying to work out what is the worst epidemic, Ebola or Obama?
On this strange planet there is an unusal phenomenon, that the President of the USA, who was voted in on a policy of ending wars, is now being forced reluctantly to take the initiative to organize a coalition of countries (50 so far) to fight this implacable IS enemy.  He says there is no negotiating with them, yet Israel is expected to negotiate with Hamas, which is just as implacable and extreme a Sunni Islamist foe.  And why is Israel not included among the countries in the coalition to fight IS.  Because it might embarrass the so-called moderate Arab States that have joined the coalition, including Qatar, that until yesterday was hosting Hamas and was supporting them and IS financially, and may still be doing so.  Can such allies be trusted?  And Turkey, standing by while the IS and the Kurds kill each other. What a strange planet this is.


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