Friday, May 02, 2008

Black liberation theology

What is most upsetting about the whole Barack Obama - Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy is something that has hardly been commented on, namely the fact that their Church's teachings are based not on standard Christianity, but on "Black liberation theology." This view of the world states among other things that White men are still deliberately suppressing Black people and their culture, that the White man as represented by America is oppressing Blacks and other peoples around the world, that Jews are economically and otherwise exploiting poor Black people, that the CIA invented AIDS in order to kill Black people, and that the US Govt. deliberately causes Blacks to be addicted to drugs. In other words, none of these things are due to the Blacks' faults themselves, but Whites and Jews can be conveniently identified as scapegoats for all Black ills. This type of thinking sounds familiar.
Now Jeremiah Wright, in his latest statements, has repeated his views, that America deserves terrorist attacks in revenge for its own "terrorist attacks" on other peoples around the world, including the Germans and Japanese at the end of WWII (that's why he said "God damn America"). So Sen. Obama cannot believably say that during his 20 years at the Trinity Church of Christ, and where he had a personal relationship with Rev. Wright, he knew nothing about this political slant even though the Rev. has always been preaching Black liberation theology there.
Now if any White Pastor or Priest, or any Jewish Rabbi, preached the reciprocal view, he would be labelled a racist and forced from his pulpit. However, it seems to be acceptable over many years that a Black pastor can be an anti-White and anti-Semitic racist. This is outrageous, and the fact that it is so calmly accepted by so many Americans as routine, shows how bad the situation really is. One wonders how many other Churches there are where this political worldview is preached and believed.
It reminds me of the Watergate Affaiur, when it was clear at the outset that Nixon was in it up to his eyebrows, and yet the majority of Americans voted for him as President for a second term. I was amazed that they did that after the revelations of the sordid details of the Watergate affair had been publicized. Now we have a similar thing, Sen. Obama has been caught with his pants down, he has been personally involved with a Black racist for many years, he has sat in a pew listening to Black libertation theology for 20 years, and now he finally decides to disassociate himself from the Rev, who declares Black Muslim Louis Farrakhan, a great Black leader.
It is certainly too little, too late, yet American liberals are lining up to vote for Obama. It is crazy, it is suicidal, and it is stupid. One of the first visitors to the White House if Obama were to be elected President would be the Rev. Wright. And the second would be Louis Farrakhan. Is that what you want?


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