Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Egyptian atrocity

In South Africa the Russell Commission is holding a Symposium in order to label Israel "an aparthied state," even though everyone knows that it's not true. Throughout the world well-meaning liberals and humanitarians protest against the treatment by Israel of the Palestinians, never mind that they are firing missiles from Gaza into Israel and there are random acts of terror from the West Bank, including knifings and shooting ambushes of cars. Apparently to human rights activists the lives of Israelis don't count.

Where are the protests against the Syrian regime that in the past 7 months has massacred 3,000 people and injured 20,000 (UN numbers) demonstrating for their freedom. Apparently among Arabs only the lives of Palestinians count to these human rights activists. In Libya massacres continue against former supporters of Col. Gaddafi and in Iran there is no right to demonstrate freely and the secret police make sure that Evien prison is full. In Egypt freedom is still an illusion and demonstrations are suppressed with force by the Armed forces.

But, there is another human rights atrocity in Egypt, that noone in the West cares about. African refugees, mostly young men from eastern and central Africa (Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Nigeria, etc.) are being shot by Egyptian border guards while trying to cross the Sinai desert into Israel. They know that in Israel they will be treated humanely and fed, and may even be able to stay and work. But, in Egypt they are treated terribly and usually shot on sight. Now there are reports, that I saw substantiated on CNN, that not only the Egyptian border guards are shooting the refugees, but tribes of Beduin in the Egyptian Sinai are killing them in order to take their organs. Apparently they have doctors standing by and ambulances waiting to take the organs to Cairo. Since they sell the organs for $10-20,000 each, this is a huge profit. They usually dump the bodies near El Arish in a trash pile outside the cemetery there. Cemetery workers then sort through the bodies and if there is any identification they bury them in the Muslim or Christian cemetery, but if there is no id then they bury them in the trash dump. At present as far as the reporter could tell there were ca. 300 bodies buried there, and inside the cemetery another few hundred. A cemetery worker said that he had buried about 7,000 Africans in the past 10 years, most of them shot by the Egyptian border guards. He had a recording taken from one of them after he was shot but before he died confirming this. But, many of the bodies also have their organs removed.

Will human rights activists protest about this terrible and disgusting practice? Probably not, since the perpetrators are not Jews and the victims are not Palestinians.


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