Friday, January 13, 2012

Immigration loophole

The Israeli Supreme Court ruled by a majority of 5 to 6 that it is not necessary that familes with one spouse abroad be united in Israel. Some on the left immediately called this a racist decision..

But consider the situation: Israel is surrounded by enemies; Muslim men take second or third wives; current law before this ruling would allow any Muslim man who married an Israeli Arab woman to move to Israel without any legal barrier and even become an Israeli citizen. Generally, when a Muslim woman marries she moves to the husband's abode, however, in the case of Israeli Arab women the authorities noticed a reversed trend, that in most cases the husband moved to Israel, the wive's abode. Also, the security forces found that some of these men were using this unification as a simple route to enter Israel in order to carry out terrorism. In fact in the year 2010, over 100,000 such cases took place, of Palestinian or other Muslim men marrying Israeli Arab women and moving to Israel. This became a very disturbing trend and presaged the formation of a "fifth column" within Israel. So the Government introduced a law to prevent this happening, in other words the right of unification of husbands and wives was made secondary to the interests of State security. The law, entitled the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law, then went to the Supreme Court for adjudication and the majority by a small margin agreed with the law.

In other words, they ruled that the couple could be unified outside Israel, eg. in the West Bank, or they could be unified within Israel subject to checking by the security forces and their unification in Israel could be legally rejected. This is another way of the Jewish State to protect itself, like the security fence that surrounds the West Bank. This fence has resulted in terrorism being reduced by ca. 90%, i.e. it has saved hundreds of lives. Before the fence was in place the Arab terroristsonly had to walk into ISrael, but with the fence in place how could terrorists get into Israel? They found a loophole, marry an Israeli Arab woman. Now that loophole has been closed and the Jewish State can now legally prevent the influx of large numbers of Palestinian Arab men.

All free and open societies have found the need to protect themselves from massive immigration of undesirable aliens. Britain stopped the immigration of East African Asians; Idi Amin deported the Asians (mainly Indians) from Uganda, and Britian accepted them, but then they found that Indians were moving from India to Uganda in order to get into Britain, so the Government closed that loophole. The US prevents the immigration of Mexicans, even if they claim to be married or related to Mexicans legally resident in the US. It is the only way for open societies to protect themselves, they have to selectively close their borders.


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