Monday, October 15, 2012

Who trusts the BBC now?

Jimmy Savile, the erstwhile comedian, has been found to have sexually molested hundreds of children over a period of many years, and the BBC didn't know about it!  Even when these crimes were commited in the BBC premises in his office and studio.  And even when the BBC program Newsnight carried out an investigation into these allegations, it was shelved.  Noone yet knows exactly why, but it was certainly a BBC cover-up.  So what has this got to do with Israel?
I'll tell you.  When I was a child living in England, the BBC was considered to be totally trustworthy, with an impeccable reputation for truth.  But, that was long ago.  Since then it has been taken over by a cabal of leftists and Muslims who run the show.  They are ingrained anti-Israel activists, who use all means at their disposal to slant the news against Israel.  If there is an attack on Israel by Palestinian terrorists or if missiles are fired into Israel from Gaza, the BBC never reports these attacks, but always reports the Israeli retaliation. They repeatedly call the Israeli PM "right wing" or "hard-line" while, exempting the Pres. of the Palestine Authority from any critical appelation such as "illegal" or "terrorist" or "criminal," when he is all three. According to them the Palestinians can do no wrong, they are never criticised, it is always the "occupation" or the IDF that is at fault. 
Don't accept my word for this, the BBC's evident bias has been exposed by the web-site "BBC Watch" and the lawyer Trevor Asserson who authored two reports, one in 2004 and the other in 2010, documenting many examples of institutional BBC bias against Israel and in favor of the Palestinians in its supposedly neutral news reports.  BBC reporter Barabra Plett, who supposedly reported impartially from the Middle East, reported that she wept when Yasir Arafat died.  In 2004 the BBC commisioned a Report on its Middle East coverage by a senior broadcast journalist Malcom Balen, but then refused to release the Balen Report, another cover-up.  The BBC is far from being the only network that has been infiltrated by pro-Arab leftists.  CNN has had continuous problems, for example Octavia Nasr who was the editor in charge of Middle Eastern affairs was fired for expressing admiration for a Hizbollah Sheikh.  Whether this is a natural bias of reporters or a biased editorial process, or a more specific organized group, it exists. 
Now we find that not only was the BBC guilty of continuous bias against Israel, but at the same time they were covering up severe cases of child abuse.  The BBC should be closed down or their current personnel rooted out.  They need a complete house-clean, so that a new staff can be established without blemish, which will not accept news bias and will not allow child abuse or other criminal activities that are probably going on that we as yet don't know about. 


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