Friday, December 07, 2012

On man, one vote, one time

The actual outcome of the Arab Spring in the largest Arab State, Egypt, and throughout most of the Arab world is, "one man, one vote, one time."  It is very much like Fascism and Communism.  Mohammed Morsi has taken dictatorial powers on behalf of the Moslem Brotherhood.  This is Arab democracy at work.
The decree that Morsi enacted giving him extraordinary power to overrule any decree of the Parliament and the Judiciary has incensed all but the large majority that support the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt.  The opponents of this maneuver have been demonstrating for day in Cairo's Tahrir Square and yesterday managed to penetrate into the surroundings of the Presidential Palace, forcing Morsi to hurriedly leave the building.  Seven died and 700 were injured. But, today Morsi was back and protected by tanks at the gates of the Palace. 
So far there has been no official reaction from those who supposedly supported the "democratic" Arab Spring, including Pres. Obama.  They are standing by and not supporting those who are in favor of democracy and the right not just to vote once, but also to vote again to remove any government.  The Europeans too are strangely quiet while Egypt returns to dictatorship (yet they responded quickly to criticize Israel's plan to construct housing in the West Bank).  Where are the demonstrators who claim to support democracy, yet come out quickly to demonstrate against Israel's every move?  Is this democracy like that of Hamas in Gaza?
Last night Pres. Morsi addressed his nation.  It was a rambling unfocussed speech.  He said he was not against people demonstrating against him, but he would not allow the use of violence and guns.  He said 80 people had been arrestd, some of whom had been paid by various elements to disrupt the demonstration.  He said he would not rescind his decree giving himself overall power, but he would meet with the leaders of the opposition on Saturday to calm their fears that he intended to stifle dissent.
Will the US continue to donate billions of dollars to an Egypt that is actually run by a dictatorship of the Moslem Brotherhood?  Will  Pres. Obama continue to foster the illusion that he is supporting a "democratic" Egypt?   Will the US recognize the fact that the vast majority fo Egyptians are anti-American and giving them funding only fosters their ability to act out their anti-Americanism in dangerous ways.  When will the next American Ambassador be murdered? Is this the second stage of the revolution in Egypt, equivalent  to the Jacobins taking over in France, the Bolsheviks in Russia and the Nazis in Germany?  ONly tiem will tell, but the signs are ominous.


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