Sunday, July 28, 2013

Divine intervention?

A few weeks ago the mechanism that makes the recliner work on our leather reclining arm chair broke. It suddenly stopped working, leaving the lever on the side of the chair loose and limp. In my usual scientific way I investigated the problem and discovered that the wire had snapped just where it connected to the lever. I realized that the wire that connected the lever and the reclining mechanism was none other than a bicycle brake wire. I thought all I have to do is buy a brake wire (1 m) and replace it. But, when I went to a bicycle store they wanted to sell me a lot of wire, but not one that was all set up as for a bike.

So I thought maybe I could return the sofa to Ikea, for repair. But, before I was going to shlap it there I went to their customer service area and stood in line. While I was standing there considering how to explain my problem in Hebrew to one of the desk clerks, I saw a young man who was obviuously a manager going around solving problems. So I approached him, and he spoke English and I explained the problem and he gave me his card and said "bring it in." Well this is easier said than done, since the chair, although a single recliner is pretty big and heavy with the metal reclining mechanism.

The first thing I did was to remove the back, that simply slides out of metal prongs that project from the base and is not involved in the reclining mechanism itself. Then I waited until; my young, strong grandson came to visit, and with his help (actually I helped him) we managed to just force it into our minsicule elevator and then into the back of the car, and drove it to Ikea, where they registered it and I left it there. The next day they called to say it was repaired and to come and get it, no charge. Now my grandson was not here, so when we wheeled it out of Ikea I had a sinking feeling. Luckily they have large metal barriers at the loading dock and with Naomi's help I was able to maneuver the sofa onto them and then into the car without much effort.

But, what to do when we arrived home, how was I going to move the sofa from the car thru the door into the lobby and then into the elevator and then from the elevator into our living room? As we arrived I saw that a tall (dark and handsome) athletic young man was standing right by the entrance to our parking lot. It was amazing. I parked next to him as he finished his phone conversation and I quickly asked him in Hebrew if he could help me to move a sofa. He said it depends on how big and heavy it is. I assured him it was manageable and showed it to him, whereupon he lifted it out of the car and with my help maneuvered it thru the lobby door then into the elevator and then out on our floor into the living room.

I offered him some money that at first he refused, but I insisted. Clearly he was sent by Hashem to carry out this specific task. I asked him his name and it was "Haim" and I told him he had saved my life. He has a computer shop in Netanya and I promised him I would go and buy an external disk drive there that I actually need.

The moral of this story is that even non-believers can be aided by divine intervention.


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