Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The Central African Republic (C.A.R.) is the armpit of the world, probably of the universe. It is poverty-stricken and usually the lowest in all categories - per capita income, health access, water availability. So why are we bothering to talk about it. The answer is that currently there is a vicious inter-religious war going on there, that started with a coup carried out by a Muslim militia called the Seneka rebels. They overthrew the corrupt but elected government after several years of civil war, removed the Government and replaced it with a Muslim one led by Pres. Djotodia. However, this Government was unable to run the country and further massacres occured. The Muslim rebels looted, raped and massacred Christians, cutting off hands, arms and heads.with machetes The international community decided this was not nice, so they sent in some troops, mainly from France and other African countries to maintain the peace.

Then last week Pres. Djotodia was forced to resign by pressure from his fellow African leaders meeting in neighboring Chad, and the Christians celebrated. Their militia Amed went out on the streets with their machetes and exacted revenge on the Muslims, cutting off hands, arms and heads and burning down mosques. This is giving religion a bad name, after all what is the message of Christianity, "turn the other cheek?"

The CAR is a small country, with a population of less than 5 million, mostly Christian with a Muslim minority, that was part of the former French Equatorial Africa and achieved independence in 1960. The CAR was famous for the excesses of its Emperor Bokassa, who took power in 1965, who lived in lavish style and was also supposed to have practised cannibalism. The capital Bangui is now in utter chaos, with armed troops patrolling the streets, but unable to effectively stop the inter-religious violence. France has requested that other European countries, possibly NATO, send in more peace-keeping troops. But, under conditions of deprivation and corruption the CAR is another failed African state. It can probably never be otherwise.


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