Sunday, May 25, 2014

Another staged shooting

We've seen it all before, many times.  Young Palestinians acting for the cameras, staging a shooting that is then blamed on the IDF.  And not just a shooting, but of course, a shooting of innocent unarmed young men doing nothing, shot deliberately by bad Israeli soldiers!  And supposedly not the actual rioters in Bituniya on the West Bank, who may themselves have been firing at Israeli troops.
However, this time it's very clear, first, the IDF soldiers were not given an order to use live fire, they shot only rubber bullets according to the Commander in Chief, Benny Gantz (of course one may have disobeyed orders, but very unlikely); second, the youths shot were photographed by a camera a long way from where the action had been (why would the IDF shoot there?); third, the rioters were throwing Molotov cocktails, stones and also firing, so it could have been self-inflicted shooting; fourth I have seen the video (only 2 mins) and it is clear to me that the youths are throwing themselves onto the ground, not having been shot.  One of the boys can be seen literally throwing himself forward and saving his fall with his arms out in front of him, not how someone crumples when shot (I've seen many TV programs); the second youth falls sideways and rolls over several times, in a way that would require his own efforts, not what you would see if he was actually shot.  You might think, well he could have been shot, yes, he could have been, but it definitely looks staged, and given the many times that such staging has been done for the camera, we must be sceptical.
There is no evidence that the boys supposedly "shot" in the film are the same boys who were shot in reality at the riot that was taking place.  Calls for the rest of the video, as usual have not been responded to, otherwise we might see them practising, or even getting up after they were shot, as in the famous Mohammed Dura tape.  So without clear proof, don't believe it!


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