Sunday, May 18, 2014

More disinformation

Part of the delegitimization program of Israel includes planting outrageous lies in the form of unattributed statements in the press, that receive large coverage because of the inherent liberal bias of the media against Israel.  Case in point, the recent article in Newsweek that stated that the Israeli secret service tried to bug the room of then VP Al Gore when he was visiting Israel and staying in a room at the King David Hotel.  Apparently according to this report a US secret service agent was in the room, heard someone in the air vent and coughed to let him know that he was there. What a ridiculous story.  Are the Mossad that stupid that they wouldn't check or know if someone was in the room, and in any case why would they need to have someone go thru the vent, when they can just open the door and plant a bug, even before Gore arrives.  And in any case what secrets did Gore have that were so valuable, all he ever talked about was the coming catastrophe due to global warming. 
Then the King David Hotel issued a statement that the vents in question are too small for a human, or even a cat (maybe it was a cat).  Why would a supposedly prestigious news magazine like Newsweek print this preposterous story without checking the facts, only out of anti-Israel bias!   Of course, the Israeli Government has denied the story thru many spokespeople, but in any case, everyone knows that the US spies on all its enemies and allies and presumably so does Israel.  Maybe Israel is a bit more circumspect about spying on the US after the Pollard case, but having someone go thru the air vent when there is someone in the room hardly qualifies.  In a follow-up story, to add insult to injury it was reported tht the FBI had complained that Israel is the most active country spying on the US.  US Secty of Defense Chuck Hagel who is visiting Israel now, declared that there is no basis to these charges that Israel is persistently spying on the US.
There are many examples of anti-Israel dis-information, the media is inclined to believe any negative story about Israel without checking the facts.  For example, it has been an article of faith among the leftist BDS movement that Israelis use much more water per capita (x 5) than Palestinians, and they do this by stealing water from the Palestinians on the West Bank.  This is simply not true, the published data show that Israelis consume about 20% more water per capita than Palestinians, and all of the Israeli water comes from within Israel.
Another example, the Security fence (not a "wall") built to surround the West Bank was not a "land grab" as characterized by the anti-Israel camp, but was intended to prevent Palestinian suicide bombers from infiltrating Israel with ease and causing mass casualties - and it works!  The terrible bus bombings are a thing of the past, thanks to the fence and greater Israeli security.   These kinds of disinformation campaigns do nothing to promote peace, but show us in Israel that we must remain vigilant and self-reliant.  


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