Monday, May 26, 2014

The Pope's visit

We welcome the Pope to Israel, even though he is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, which has a lot to answer for to the Jews.  Catholicism had a long terrible historic war against the Jews for 2,000 years, as part of its replacement theology, namely that Christianity had replaced Judaism as the chosen religion and if the Jews wouldn't give up they had to be murdered out of existence.  But, also their murderous war especially against those Jews who were forcibly converted to Christianity, the New Christians or conversos.  This was clearly a racist as well as a religious war by the Inquisition, the Holy Order of the Church, that arrested, tortured and murdered conversos for 300 years whether they were sincere believing Christians or not. 
Now we are told that the Church has changed completely, that they recognize Jews as senior cousins, whose God they appropriated, whose Bible they adopted and whose demi-God was a practising Jew.  Now we must recognise that for the past 50 years the Popes have become civilized men, against murdering Jews, against killing heretics and against even rampant child sexual abuse in the priesthood. Mind you these changes have all been adopted quite recently and you'll excuse me if I feel that we need more concrete indicators of these changes than mere sentiment.  What about returning the millions of Jewish texts and art works and gold that they stole when they killed their Jewish owners to enrich the Church.  What about a public mea culpa for the devastation they caused in Jewish lives.  The King of Spain apologized for the expulsion after 500 years, and now they are giving back citizenships to the descendants.  What will the Church do, give us all vouchers to visit Rome?
The Church in its incarnation of Pope Francis has a loving, smiling face.  They do of course support the right to self-determination of the Palestinians, which does to some extent bring them into conflict with Israel.  After all their self-determination is being bought at the expense of death and destruction for Israeli citizens, especially when Pres. Abbas is in unity with the Hamas terrorist organization.  But, never mind, we'll still give Pope Francis a welcome, more than Jews received by the Vatican for a long, long time.


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