Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hamas = ISIS

"Obscene," "Brutal," "Disgusting," "Shocking," "Depraved," all descriptions of the beheading of US journalist James Foley by a British Muslim in the Islamic State in Iraq & Syria (ISIS).  It takes such a violent individual act to awaken the ordinary person to the reality of what is happening in the heart of the Muslim world.  Decapitations, murders, rapes, forced conversions.
Hamas is a social organization, that is justified in firing rockets at Israeli civilians, because they are part of the illegal occupation and blockade of the poor Palestinians living in Gaza, which is an apartheid prison.  What nonsense, get real...
Hamas = ISIS ;
they are both Sunni extremist fundamentalist terrorist organizations, their ideology and aims are identical, they are both funded by the same source, the Qatari Government, that is also an ally of the US Obama Administration.  Yes, it is crazy.
How can the same liberal-minded people be so stupid as to find Hamas sympathetic (because they have been killed by Israelis?) while finding the same ideology elsewhere unacceptable and brutal.  Hamas has no regard for human life, including that of their own Palestinian people.  They deliberately started a war without making any provision for sheltering or protecting their own people. There are reports that 162 children were killed digging the Hamas attack tunnels, to allow them to kill Israeli civilians.   There are reports that Hamas murdered those who planned and built the tunnels to prevent the information falling into the hands of their enemy, Israel.  We know for a certainty that Hamas fires its missiles and mortars from populated areas, adjacent to schools, mosques, hospitals, hotels and refugee camps, in order to increase the civilian casualty rate.  Hamas has refused or broken every ceasefire arranged through Egypt that Israel accepted.  Yesterday they fired 140 missiles into Israel.  They publicly exhorted their civilians not to heed IDF warnings to move from locations that were going to be attacked.  They deliberately gather children around their firing points to ensure higher casualties when the IDF responds.  These are the people that the weak-minded British, French and other public find sympathetic?
One huge mistake people make is to equate Hamas = Palestine.  This is not the case, unlike Fatah and the PLO, Hamas is not fighting for a Palestinian State, they are fighting to destroy Israel and replace it with an Islamic State where Sharia law is enforced, and eventually to combine together with the ISIS to form the universal Islamic Caliphate.  Wake up and see the reality, before it hits you between the eyes!


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