Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Terrorist riots

Apparently the British are worried about the hundreds of British Muslims who have gone to Syria and Iraq to fight for the Islamic State, who will be trained so that upon their return they will carry out terrorist incidents in Britain. PM Cameron gave a speech emphasizing the need for Britain to be vigilant. This is also true of every European country as well as Canada and the USA.  According to existing laws passed in Britain after the terrorist incidents of 7/705, any person who assists a terrorist group in carrying out its aims can be arrested, tried and imprisoned for up to 30 years.  This is certainly true of anyone who joins the ISIS terrorist groups and supports the Islamic State.
But, what about other terrorist groups.  Hamas is also a Sunni extremist terrorist group that in its charter has the stipulation that its aim is to destroy Israel, a member of the UN, and to kill every Jew everywhere.  Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization under British Law as well as that of the US, the UN and the EU.  Recently there have been anti-Israel demonstrations in the US, France and in Britain, carried out by extreme leftist organizations (such as the Socialist Worker's Party) as well as extremist Muslim groups, carrying placards that say "We are all Hamas" or "Death to the Jews" or "Stop Israeli genocide."  These demonstrations have turned violent and become riots in which they attacked the police, the security forces and destroyed stores, including Jewish and American-owned stores (McDonalds for goodness sake).  I  suggest that these people can be arrested under the terrorism laws, just as members of IS, so that they can be prevented from rioting and destroying British cities, as well as preventing them continuing their terrorist-supporting activities.  Also, these placards amount to racial incitement and should be challenged in the courts.  If the Prosecution service do not pursue the cases against those arrested, they can be challenged in civil court.
Here's one tip of how to locate them, they will be found at all violent anti-Israel riots in Britain. Just photograph them, or better yet have them arrested.   By a strange irony those who carry out genocide or who want to take over the world project their own plans onto the weak and defenceless.  Thus, Hitler said that the Jews were planning to take over the world, when actually he was.  Thus, the Islamic State are carrying out genocide of Shia, Christians and Yazidis in northern Iraq, but blame Israel for doing that against the Palestinians, when it is manifestly not true!  We should strike at the terrorists and their supporters where ever we can using all the legal means available.


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