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Secret Report - Adolf Hitler

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Report of the Combined Committee of Forensic Experts (CCFE) on the remains attributed to Adolf Hitler
In 2009, the supposed remaining fragments of Adolf Hitler's skull, that had been taken from outside his bunker in Berlin in 1945 by Soviet troops and stored in the Soviet State Archives in Moscow for 64 years, were subjected to detailed analysis in several labs to test their authenticity.  The conclusion was that they were not Hitler's remains, DNA tests proved that the skull was in fact that of a young woman.  It was then decided to store the rest of the remains in a vault that was accessible only with official permission.  
Since then DNA analysis has advanced.  One of the best sources of DNA of a dead person are the jawbone and teeth.  An application was made on behalf of a group of forensic scientists in several countries, including Russia, the UK, France and the USA, to obtain samples from the other remains.  Permission by the Russian State Archives with the signature of Pres. Putin was granted in 2012 on one condition, that the results remain secret and that they only be revealed by the Russian Government when it was satisfied that the results were unanimous. 
As a consequence, samples were removed from inside the marrow of the jawbone and teeth and were subjected to detailed DNA analysis using the latest PCR, RFLP, mitochondrial (m) DNA and Y-chromosome analysis methods.  It was also decided by each lab separately what other samples would be collected and tested for comparison.  Thus, the French Government received permission from the German Government to exhume the remains of Adolf Hitler's mother, father and siblings. This was done in the utmost secrecy at night, using special forces protection.  
At this point a short history of Hitler's family is in order.  Adolf Hitler was the fourth of six children of Alois and Klara Heidler or Hitler.  Since Alois Hitler was illegitimate, he used his mother's surname, Schiklgruber, for 39 years.  But, by the time Adolf was born in 1889 he had changed it to the name of his adopted step-father, Heidler, often spelt Heitler or Hitler.  Adolf chose the simpler form, Hitler. Adolf had very bad relations with his father, and it was rumored that this may have been because he too was the illegitimate offspring of his mother and the son of the Jewish doctor that she worked for in Graz named Leopold Frankenberger.  No definite evidence for this has ever been found, but it is quite likely that if there were any truth to this that Hitler, during the period of his absolute dictatorship of Germany (1933-45) and control of the Gestapo, could easily have had such evidence destroyed.   The British team pursued this lead by trying to find any living relatives of the Frankenberger family.
In cooperation with US authorities, an Emile Frankenberger was traced to New York City.  He was the last surviving member of the Frankenberger family of Graz, Austria, who escaped by being secretly hidden by a non-Jewish friend of the family.  He was 80 years old at the time ont eh interview, and was quite lucid.   He claimed that his family had been wiped out specifically on the orders of Hitler himself. [This would not have been unusual, for example Magda Goebbels, wife of Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda, had a Jewish step-father Richard Friedlander, with whom she had had a good relationship and whose letters to her during WWII pleading for her help survived, but she never replied or acknowledged them. She ensured that he died in Buchenwald concentration camp.]  DNA samples were taken from Emile Frankenberger as well as his children.  These were analyzed at the Forensic laboratories in the USA and UK.  All the analyses were combined and compared with those from the supposed Hitler samples, and those of his parents and siblings.
Summary: To summarize the findings briefly, comparison of selected alleles from the Hitler family showed that while Klara Heidler was Adolf's mother and was the mother of his siblings, Alois Heidler was not Adolf's father.  Rather his Y-chromosome indicated that his father was related to the Frankenberger family.  The conclusion is inevitable that Adolf Hitler was the illegitimate child of Klara Heidler and Leopold Frankenberger.  In other words he was half-Jewish, a mischling.


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