Monday, September 08, 2014

Scottish independence

I vote "Yes" for Scottish independence!  Actually I don't have a vote, but if I did I would vote yes.  Not because I am a Scottish nationalist, not because I like Scotch whiskey, but because I am a Jew and an Israeli.  The Scots are very pro-Palestinian and consequently anti-Israel.  I would like to see Scotland, with a lot more advantages than we had, go the route to independence.  I would like to see them struggle, even without the kind of implacable and ruthless enemies that we have.  If they need help and advise, don't come to us, let them go to the Palestine Authority or Hamas for help and advise.
Also, if Scotland goes independent that would make all sorts of problems for the English, and I cannot say I am displeased at that prospect, given the lack of sympathy that we in Israel get from them.  Finally, the main reason I would vote yes is that it would probably usher in a Labor Government in Scotland, and I can't think of a better place, for the dour Scots to have a socialist government.  That would fix them.
Actually the Scots as a people are very hospitable and charming.  I remember with fondness the time we stayed in Edinburgh with my colleague Sir Patrick Forrest, who was in charge of deciding whether or not British women should be tested routinely for breast cancer.  He decided "yes" and I decide "yes."  Actually, the principle at stake here is self-determination, better to be independent and poor than dependent and wealthy.  Just as we would not like our fate to be decided in Baghdad, Damascus, Cairo, or Washington, so the Scots should not want their fate decided in London. 
But, if the Scots get their independence, will the UK unravel?  Will Wales be next?  And of course, Northern Ireland will go its own way and eventually maybe will unite with Eire.  Then there might be a Celtic Confederation of Wales, Ireland and Scotland against the English, who are of Germanic origin (Normans, Angles and Saxons).  That would really be a change.  So vote "yes" for Scotland!


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