Sunday, September 07, 2014

The lessons of Rotherham

Rotherham is a small city in south Yorkshire in England.  It is similar to many other cities in northern England, including the fact that it has a large Pakistani minority.  To all intents and purposes the Pakistani Muslim community is accepted and integrated in Rotherham and to a large extent is involved in the social fabric of the city.  It was therefore a shock of national proportions when it was recently revealed through investigations, both in The Times of London and in Parliament, that there has been an organized network of Pakistani men in Rotherham and nearby towns that has exploited young white girls for sexual purposes. 
It was revealed that from 1997 to 2013, approx. 1,400 girls as young as 11 and 12 were abused, raped, and trafficked around Britain to other groups of Pakistani men.  What is incredible is that the local Municipality, the social welfare department and the police were all aware of this activity, but did nothing about it.  This has been labelled a "complete dereliction of duty."  The reason given for their lack of action is that they were afraid that if they exposed the fact that this was a Pakistani problem they would be accused of racism.  Whereas in fact the motive for the abuse of young white girls (none were of Pakistani origin) was that the Pakistani Muslim men regarded these girls as little more than chattels, in other word this was to a large extent a racial crime.
Consider this irony, British services, staffed by British people, were supposedly afraid to expose a brutal criminal gang of Muslim men preying on British girls because they supposedly were afraid to be labelled racists, talk about the height of PC.  But, there are other interpretations, including the possibility that the police, the politicians and the welfare organizations were complicit in the activity, either receiving sexual favors or being paid off, or also from fear.  How did these men manage to carry out this extensive program?  They watched schools and picked up young girls in their cars, raped them and threatened them and their families with injury or death if the girls did not cooperate.  Girls were doused with gasoline and told they would be set on fire if they did not cooperate, and they were warned that if they did not return to the men for further sexual activity, their homes would be torched, and their parents and younger siblings would be murdered.  The girls then became prostitutes for Muslim men.    
The background to this story is that 5 Pakistani men were arrested and tried in 2010 in Leeds, the nearby city, for the same crimes of rape and forced prostitution of young white girls, and they were found guilty and sentenced.  But, apparently the police did not extend the investigation, even though there was evidence that they were only part of a larger network.  Recently a girl who was victimized by this gang in Rotherham after finding no help from the police or the welfare dept. managed to get a note to a reporter for The Times.  The reporter did an investigation and published an article, that triggered a hearing in a Parliamentary Committee.  When the story went public, all sorts of defensive responses came from the Rotherham City and police.  Finally the Chief of the South Yorkshire Police Department was forced to resign.  Other resignations are expected and there will be criminal cases.
It has been said that the attitude of the Muslim men to the British girls was one of contempt.  How many wives did Muhammud have?  In fact he had 13 wives, some of whom were no more than children.  One might say, well that was in the early Middle Ages in a culture where women were considered to be little more than property.  But, come on, 13 wives, for a supposedly holy man.  That women are treated as chattels in Islamic societies is well known and is part of the culture the Muslim men fight to retain (see for example "A thousand splendid suns" by Khaled Hosseini and "Nine parts of desire" by Geraldine Brooks).  But, to these Muslim men the white girls were considered to be trash, even at the age of 12, since they walked around with uncovered legs and faces, they were already little more than trainee prostitutes.  That British society could not and did not protect their own children from these villains may be a harbinger of what is coming.. Now suppose they had sharia law in Britain, what would be the situation then. 
If Britain cannot protect itself from this form of Islamic tyranny, why should we even concern ourselves with their opinions about the Palestinians, the IS and other Muslim causes.  Their society is already too far gone and is virtually controlled by Muslims.  That is why we see Palestinian flags at all demonstrations, even those currently going on against the NATO meeting in Wales.  It has nothing to do with Palestine, yet there are more "Free Palestine" posters there than there are "Free Ukraine" and "Free Iraq."  The rot has set in and Britain is already past the point of no return.  Muslim sponsored anti-Semitism in Britain is already as virulent as the sexual exploitation of non-Muslims.


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