Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This letter was published in the Jerusalem Post on 11/11/11:

If Pres Sarkozy of France calls PM Netanyahu a "liar" and Pres. Obama says he is "fed up" with him, then I know that I am right in supporting Netanyahu. If these two gentlemen have such opinions of our Prime Minister then he must be doing the right thing. After all, his job is not to please them, but to pursue the interests of the Jewish State, not something these gentlemen have as their priorities.
Jack Cohen

The question is, who do these comments harm most? I would say that even though it puts Netanyahu in a bad light, everyone knows that all politicians lie, and this is especially true of Sarkozy of France (not to mention Berlusconi of Italy who is now out). So saying that Netanyahu lies is not very damaging to his character. But, to be caught saying these things before microphones (even though they were assumed to be turned off) is a gaffe that puts Sarkozy and Obama in a bad light, not to mention that they are both up for re-election in a year. It means that neither are what they seem to be in dealing with other statesmen, and therefore they cannot be trusted. The pro-Israel elements in their electorates will take the appropriate message from this minor event. It will not affect relations between the States, but it will cast doubt on the sincerity of their statements.


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