Monday, January 16, 2012

Iranian physicists

Position available: "Nuclear physicist wanted, advanced qualifications required, also must be fluent in Farsi. Excellent pay, extra security bonus, apply Iranian National Guard Nuclear Weapons Facility, Qoms, Muslim Republic of Iran. Body repatriation guaranteed."

The current situation with regard to the deaths of nuclear physicists in Iran is reminiscent of the situation that occured in Egypt in the 1950's when rocket scientists had a very high mortality rate. Someone kept bumping off their ballistics experts, who were being trained by Russian scientists. Also, they were sent warning notes that they should leave Egypt immediately. However, the warning notes backfired, from them and other evidence the Egyptian authorities were able to trace the whole Israeli spy ring that had been setting off explosives in Cairo, including the so-called "champagne spy". I suppose the Mossad learnt its lesson, now they concentrate on bumping off the scientists. It is thought unlikely that Israeli agents are actually doing the dirty work, affixing the bombs to the cars, others are probably doing this, including opponents of the regime who might have lost loved ones or friends in the brutal police/army crackdowns on dissent or Baluchis or other minorities who strongly oppose the control of the Iranian Government.

Whoever is doing it they are quite successful, having murdered 4 scientists in 2 years. It is well known that such experts are not easily replaced and the removal of key individuals in an organization can render it inoperable. It can also intimidate other suitable experts from replacing them. All this, and the computer worms that have infected the Iranian computer systems, are delaying tactics to slow down or try to stop the progress of Iran towards obaining the enriched uranium to make a nuclear bomb. Let's hope together with the increased sanctions all this may work. But, if not, as they say, "all options are on the table."

The cancellation of a joint annual US-Israel military excercise this week is most worrying. Does it have anything to do with the fact that Pres. Obama warned PM Netanyahu in a phone call last week that he does not want to be "surprised" by an Israeli unilateral attack on Iran. The US Chief of Staff Adm. Mullen is due in Israel on a pre-scheduled visit this week. Let's hope the US and Israel are on the same page of the same book when it comes to Iran, but unfortunately with Obama facing an election this year this is doubtful.


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