Friday, January 17, 2014

Your job is....

I don't know you well, but I have decided to appoint you to my Cabinet. You will be Deputy Foreign Minister in charge of the Syrian desk. Your job is to ensure that the State of Syria ceases to be a threat to the existence of Israel. What do you do in that position? The answer is - nothing! You do nothing, because you don't need to do anything to reduce the effectiveness of the Syrian Army, destroy Syria's large cache of chemical weapons and reduce the Syrian population to destruction and poverty. Why, don't you need to do anything, because the Syrians have done it all for you. In order to remove the ruthless and corrupt Assad dictatorship that has ruled Syria for 40 years, the civil population of Syria began with demonstrations that led to street fighting, and ended in a civil war that has been going on for 3 years now. Over 130,000 Syrians are dead, over 5 million are either internally displaced refugees or are living in camps in the surrounding countries of Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan. Also, the international community has ensured that Syria's stockpile of chemical weapons will be destroyed this year. Syria is wrecked, so you don't have to do nothing! Enjoy your new job.

So, I don't know you well either, but I have decided nevertheless to appoint you as Deputy Foreign Minister in charge of the Egypt desk. What are your actions, the answer is none! Egypt is a large Arab country that is unravelling, it's society is split between supporters of the new military regime led by Gen al-Sisi mainly in the cities and the followers of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, who are largely in the countryside. When they overthrew Pres. Mubarak as head of the military regime, the rioters demanded elections, but the elections produced a Muslim Brotherhood Government led by Pres. Morsi. He worked for the ascendency of the MB more than for the welfare of the Egyptians. This led to futher demonstrations and fighting and Egypt is now well and truly split, with the MB declared an illegal terrorist organization and the military ruthlessly suppressing the pro-Morsi movement. So sit back and enjoy, while the Egyptian Army is busy closing the tunnels under the Egypt-Gaza border and fighting the insurgency of pro-Islamist elements.

OK, I don't want to leave anyone out, so I appoint you as Deputy Foreign Minister in charge of Iraq. What do you have to do in your new position, the answer is - you guessed it, nothing! If Saddam Hussein had remained in power you would have had a serious job countering him as a threat ot the existence of the State of Israel. But, after the US attacked Iraq and removed Saddam from power and then had him executed, after a fair trial of course, you can relax. Now Iraq is split between the Shia majority in the east and the Sunni minority in the west, as well as a Kurdish region in the north. The Sunni extremists who are pro-al-Qaeda have occupied the two main cities of Ramadi and Faluja in Anbar province and the Shia-dominated government has sent the Iraqi army to dislodge them. They are killing each other - again - so relax and take it easy, a cushy job.

What have we left? You I appoint to the Jordan desk. Your job is to sit back and wait until the majority of Palestinians in Jordan assert themselves and try to take power. We in Israel will support the ruling Hashemites, because they have been somewhat friendly to us, but not too friendly. So we'll let them fight it out, while giving the King some support. However, its a losing battle, the Hashemites and their Beduin followers can't win, so your main job is to decide if we should give asylum to the King and his family. Difficult job? We don't have a special desk for Saudi Arabia or the Gulf States, but basically we don't need to worry about them, although we do keep an eye on Qatar that has been supporting various extreme elements in the Arab world.

Now for you, we've kept the best job for last. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to be in charge of the Iran desk. Come and see me, we have a lot to talk about.


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