Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Netanyahu's policies

I agree with PM Netanyahu that Israel should be enshrined in law as the nation state of the Jewish people.  It seems that someone forgot to do this previously, assuming that it was obvious and incontrovertible.  But, nowadays, everything about Israel that can be contested is, so let's make it indisputable.  The fact that Israel was recognized as the Jewish State by the UN, does not make it binding under Israeli law.  It should be passed while we have a majority and in case of any future events that might compromise the Jewish majority.  
However, I part company with the PM when he proposes to abolish the Presidency.  Israel needs a President who can participate in honorary activities while the PM is too busy with other presumably more important things and who can provide stability between governments.  Unfortunately a suitable statesmanlike candidate has not so far been identified.  The competition over who should be selected as our next President after Pres. Peres retires at the end of his term (he is over 90) is hotting up.  We will see who is chosen.
I also disagree with the government policy of destroying the hilltop settlements.  One day we will need these locations to protect our hinterland and provide space for the continuation of the Zionist endeavor.  We must look ahead, not only in a year or two, but in 30, 50 and 100 years.  We need all of our Land, we need space to grow, and we need space in which to defend ourselves.  All else is sentiment.


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