Friday, June 27, 2014

Millions are available

My esteemed friend: I have chosen you from many others to be the beneficiary of my unfortunate situation, I have inherited $500,000,000 from my uncle who passed away recently.  But, I do not have a suitable account in which to put this money.  If you allow me to use your account I will transfer these funds to you and allow you to keep 1% of the total.  Just send me the details of your account and don't forget to include the password.....
I am Odingo Odongo from Nigeria, I have recently inherited a large fortune from my maternal uncle, Chief Walabawele of the Ogongo tribe in Northeastern Nigeria.  It is the practise of this tribe to give a portion of all inheritence to charity.  I have chosen you as a worthy cause and wish to send you a check for the sum of m$1, but I do not have your account details.  Please send me the details of your account and I will transfer the funds immediately.  Please also send your password so that I may have immediate access to your account.  Yours most sincerely, Odingo Odongo
Contact your agent immediately: You have won a major prize in our raffle, a trip around the world, or the cash equivalent.  You must contact our agent immediately at the following number or e-mail your details to our office.  We require your bank, bank account number, your social security number and your password.  With this we shall be able to pay you the winning amount.  Don't delay, act immediately.  Yours sincerely, Michael Jackson
Mark and my wife Cindy Hill, Missouri won a Jackpot and we have solely decided to donate the sum of 4,000,000 USD to Five lucky individuals who will in turn use 50% of the total funds to assist the less privileged. If you are the intended receiver of this email fill the below details so that we can confirm your details and send to the payout bank. 1.Name: 2.Address
3.Sex 4.Country. 
You can verify this by visiting the web pages below
Dear SIr:  You have won millions in the Euro Lottery competition.  All you have to do to claim your prize is send $100 to Jack Cohen at this address....


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