Friday, June 20, 2014

Where's Kerry

Has anybody here seen Kerry?
Has anybody here seen Kerry?
Find him if you can!
He's as bad as old Shapir-o,
Left me on my own-ee-o,
Has anybody here seen Kerry?
Kerry from the USA!
Yes, US Secty of State Kerry has been noticeably absent from his favorite hunting ground, the Middle East, for a while.  Yet, I understand that since he is very pro-Israel, he feels he needs to save Israel from itself, he knows (as an American) what is best for Israel.  So he has recognized the new PA government that includes Hamas, which is recognized as a terrorist organization by the USA.  He has done this because Pres. Abbas has assured him that the new Unity Government will abide by the conditions set down by the Quartet, of recognition of Israel, giving up violence (terrorism) and accepting all previous agreements.  However, at the same time, Hamas has publicly declared that they will not accept these conditions.  Nevertheless, Kerry is so committed to the "peace process" that he is prepared to give Hamas the benefit of the doubt.  This is essentially what US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro said in a recent speech, basically let's give Hamas the benefit of the doubt, until they actually start (or continue) killing people.  Now this might be a good idea, if we were not the killees, the victims of Hamas's determination according to their Covenant to wipe Israel of the face of the earth.  

Now with the dramatic advance of the ISIS forces in Iraq, and the kidnapping of three yeshiva students in Judea, we are otherwise occupied. Obama wants to punish the new Egyptian President al-Sisi, and to come to terms with the Ayatollahs in Iran.   Let the Americans get on with their own business, in Ukraine, Iraq and elsewhere, and leave us to take care of our situation without their self-destructive policies.  We don't miss Kerry.


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