Sunday, July 20, 2014

Anti-Semitism in the Diaspora

Whenever Israel is forced to take military action against its Arab enemies, there is always an upsurge of anti-Semitism around the world.  Of course, this is not rationally justified, but the hatred and bias against Israel and Jews very quickly bubbles to the surface.  There are three sources of this anti-Semitism, 1. Good old-fashioned right-wing nationalism expressed as Jew-hatred; 2. Left-wing sympathy and support for the poor Palestinians as victims of "imperialist," "colonialist," "apartheid" Israel; and 3. Muslim anti-Semitism, that is endemic and ubiquitous in all Muslim countries and is growing more confident in Europe as the number of Muslims there grows.
We all saw pictures of the attacks in tolerant, secular France by a mob of mixed Muslims and left-wingers, viciously attacking two synagogues and beating up Jews.  The anti-riot police saved this from becoming a massacre.  As a result, French PM Vail denied permission for another demonstration in support of Hamas, with a good expectation that it would turn violent.  It's not much better in Britain, where the latest anti-Israel demonstration in the center of London at Traflagar Square took a violent turn when the mob began to attack individuals whom they identified as Jews.
Unwittingly these stupid anti-Israel protesters are causing French Jews, the largest Jewish community left in Europe after the Holocaust, to re-evaluate their safety there and many are now coming on aliyah to Israel.  Today, in the midst of the current Gaza war, ca. 450 French Jews arrived in Israel to live.  They feel safer here under the Iron Dome and with the IDF to protect them, than they do in France where all Jews are subject to daily incidents of hateful anti-Semitism.  The French Jewish population in Netanya is blossoming and they are buying apartments here, partly expaining the huge growth in apartment buildings all over Netanya.  In many cafes downtown French is now the main language and they have an active Francophone cultural scene.  Obviously news gets back and so we expect more French Jews to come, the numbers have doubled in each of the past two years and is now up to 5,000 in 2014.  So go ahead with your anti-Semitic violent protests, you vile ridiculous idiots, it only makes Israel stronger.


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