Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Disproportionate intent

Western liberals like to complain about the "disproportionate force" that Israel uses in response to the Palestinians, both in terms of police putting down Palestinian youth demonstrations (riots) and IDF response to rocket fire from Gaza into Israel, often termed "asymmetric warfare."  But there is a far more fundamental "disproportion" that liberals prefer to ignore, that is the fact that Palestinians and Arabs in general intend to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews, while Israel has no such agenda in relation to the Arabs.  We merely want to stave them off and survive. 
I defy anyone to find anywhere in Israeli documents a statement of a plan or intention to kill all Palestinians.  But, it is in plain view in the founding documents of the PLO (supposedly abrogated) and Hamas, the deliberate intention to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews.  That's why they use any excuse to riot in full force with stones and petrol bombs, and what do they shout "Death to Israel," "Kill all the Jews."  That's why Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza have fired 100 missiles, rockets and mortars into Israel in the past day, no nation can accept such a barrage.  Yesterday there were Red Alert sirens in Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Beersheva, Beth Shemesh and Jerusalem and 10 missiles were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system.  This cannot be allowed to continue and is unacceptable, even the US sympathizes. 
Yet, the Israeli Cabinet's announced policy is a gradual escalation of response, from ca. 10 sorties a day to last night there were 60 IAF sorties over Gaza.  The US of course asks for restraint on both sides (that's a laugh). The extent of the damage in Gaza has not yet been assessed, but you can be sure it was greater than the damage done in Israel.  But, if they stopped the firing of missiles into Israel the IAF attacks would stop immediately, and they know that.  It may be that right now, given the success of the ISIS Sunni terrorists in Syria and Iraq, they want to remind the world that Hamas is also there and active.  They may also want to demonstrate that although they signed a unity agreement with Fatah, they have not changed their basic extremist policy.  But, whatever the reason for the current atacks, it is the disproportion of Palestinian intent that is clearly the cause of the escalation of violence.
It is true that a Palestinian youth was murdered by 6 Israeli youths in revenge for the murder of three Israeli schoolboys.  But, this is so disproportionate, let's not forget the murder of Shelly Daddon, a 19-year old girl who was abducted by an Arab taxi driver and stabbed multiple times and her body dumped.  And the Israelis driving in the West Bank who have been murdered by stones thrown at their cars or shot as they drove, including the killing of babies.  And the hundreds who were killed in suicide bombing attacks before the Israeli Government built the security fence and wall, that has saved countless lives from terrorist attacks.  And now ca. 120 missiles and rockets were launched from Gaza at Israel overnight from Hadera in the north to Beersheva in the south.  No, this is the true disproportion, the Jews want peace, while the Arabs want war.  


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