Sunday, July 06, 2014

Funerals and intentions

I like to to point out the differences between them and us!  The funeral of the three Israeli boys who were murdered was conducted with due solemnity and dignity.  By contrast, the funeral of the Arab boy who was murdered was as usual used as an excuse for riots, violence and expressions of hatred.  The police have raised questions regarding the report that the boy was abducted by three men in an Israeli car several hours before his body was found.  This may have been made up by the Palestinians. They were immediately labelled as "settlers" by the Palestinians and also irresponsibly in a statement by PM Abbas, without any specific evidence. 
At least when the Israeli PM and Government speak they do so as a result of specific evidence.  The two Hamas terrorists who are wanted for the murder of the three Israeli boys went missing the day of the murder from their homes in Hebron and their burnt-out car was found not far from the scene of the crime.  In the case of the Arab boy, no specific evidence yet exists until the police publish their findings.  It is not beyond the realm of possibility, given the number of previous cases of media manipulation, that this Arab boy was murdered by Hamas in order to provide an excuse for Arab riots and expressions of hatred of Jews.  There have been many previous killings and abductions in these Arab neighborhoods due to clan conflicts, and if it was felt that the sacrifice of this boy was in the naitonal interest, there is no doubt in my mind that there are Arab terrorists who would do it.  After all, in effect, its the same as a suicide bombing.
PM Netanyahu called the murder of the Arab teen a "despicable" act and said the Israeli police will hunt down the killers just as they are looking for the killers of the murdered Israeli teens.  I trust them to do this objectively and that is why I will wait for their findings before jumping to (obvious) conclusions (as we did in the Mohammed al Dura case).  Instead of trying to calm the Palestinians down, Abbas and other Arab politicians are fanning the flames of violence, using the murder of the Arab boy to cover their guilt for the murder of the three Israeli teens. 
Meanwhile 40 missiles and mortars were fired into southern Israel from Gaza in the past day.  This is an unacceptable situation for the million Israelis living there.  And people wonder why Israel attacks Gaza.  One of the missiles went through the roof of a house being used as a summer school and it was very lucky it did not explode.  Must we wait for our children to be killed before we act against these murderous terrorists? 


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