Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Not responsible

Are Jews in the Diaspora responsible for the actions of the Israeli Government?   The answer is of course a resounding NO! And no amount of support  for the Palestinians or sympathy for their plight can change that fact.  Therefore to blame the Jews in western countries for Israel's actions or those of its current Government under PM Netanyahu is not only morally wrong, it is ridiculous.  But that doesn't prevent many people from doing so, from the Episcopal Chaplain at Yale University to the anti-Semites in the UK, France and Germany.  The main reason being that anti-Semitism is not rational, it is an irrational hatred that is beyond reason. 
Are American reporters in the Middle East responsible for the actions of the US Government? Equally a resounding NO!  But that doesn't prevent the fighters of the Islamic State from beheading them, to make a point.  The cowardly torture and beheading of Americans is a direct message to the US Administration that IS wants them to know there are consequences for attacking their troops in Iraq and Syria.  The Rev. Bruce Shipman, the former Episcopal Chaplain at Yale, wrote in a letter to the NY Times that it is PM Netanyahu's policies towards the Palestinians that causes anti-Semitism.  Might I suggest that he write a similar letter suggesting that Pres. Obama's policies towards the IS is what causes them to behead American journalists.  It would be just as ridiculous.
US Secty of State Kerry recently gave a speech in which he essentially blamed Israel for causing young and disaffected Arabs to volunteer to fight for the Islamic State.  After all, isn't it obvious, young Arabs are frustrated that the Middle East peace process has not achieved anything, which of course by implication can be blamed on Israel.  If only Israel would show more flexibility then the Israel-Palestine dispute could be resolved and then the Arab young men would not be upset any more and they would not fight for the IS and then there would be peace and everyone would be happy.  When he said this to a room full of Arab Sheiks he said he could see them nodding their heads in agreement.  What would anyone expect?  What superficial nonsense!  This is what passes for serious analysis in the Obama Administration.


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