Monday, November 03, 2014

Palestinian moves

Pres. al Sisi sees a strong threat to Egypt and his rule from the terrorists from Gaza, that is governed by Hamas, the Palestinian offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, that is his sworn enemy.  Egypt is doing something that Israel dare not do.  It has closed its border with Gaza completely and it is clearing a  500 m wide, 17 km long stretch on its side of the border free of all buildings.  Egypt declared a national day of mourning and a three month period of concern for the 33 Egyptian soldiers killed by attacks by Islamist radicals in and around El Arish on the northern Sinai coast last week.  They traced the terrorist perpetrators to the Gaza Strip, where they received training and weapons, and exited through a tunnel under the Gaza -Egypt border.  The Egyptian authorities thought that they had closed all the tunnels, but found that there were more, and some that exited in homes, schools and mosques.  In order to overcome this threat, they have forcibly moved all the inhabitants within this border strip from their homes and are levelling the border region. If Israel did something like this there would be international cries of "apartheid" "oppression" and "crimes against humanity", but when the Egyptians do it - silence! 
Meanwhile there was a missile fired from Gaza into southern Israel yesterday.  Although it caused no injury or damage, the Israeli Government reacted strongly and closed all crossings into Gaza, thus cutting off all food, medical supplies and building materials.  Why should Israel continue as if nothing happened while Hamas restarts their missile attacks against Israel.  Was this a single shot to see what will happen?  The answer is clear, as PM Netanyahu has stated there will be no tolerance of any missiles from Gaza, including no "drizzle" of missiles.   At present, due to reaction from the Egyptian and Israeli Governments, there are no indirect negotiations taking place in Cairo and no passage of aid convoys into Gaza.  If they do not change their ways, let them rot!
The Western liberal elite, such as the Social Democrats who now govern Sweden, have shown their concern for the Palestinians by recognizing a Palestinian State.  But, without Israeli agreement and cooperation, as can be seen in the case of Gaza, nothing can be accomplished.  It is the current Palestinian strategy to build on their sympathy in the West to try to outflank Israel and obtain unilateral recognition.  But, this will avail them nothing if it is obtained without Israeli agreement.  Let the Western Governments pour their funds into Gaza and the West Bank, enriching the power elites, while the people remain in poverty.   It will do nothing to change the fundamental situation, unless they demand a price for their largesse.  While the PA leadership continues to allow hatred of Jews to be taught in Palestinian schools and while they support the riots and even terrorism against Israelis, there will be no peace, however many recognitions are granted.  


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