Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Recent Islamist attacks

1. Canada: An armed Islamic gunman killed a soldier standing guard at the National Memorial in Ottawa and then entered the Canadian Parliament and proceeded to shoot, but was killed by the Sergeant-at-arms. This followed only a day after two Canadian soldiers were run down by a car in rural Qebec and one was killed.  The perpetrator was pursued and shot by police.  In both cases the killers were new converts to Islam known to police for their activities.  Both had been denied passports to travel to Syria to joint the fighting there.  These attacks, while not reaching the level of carnage of the 9/11/01 attacks in the US and the 7/7/05 attacks in London have nevertheless been termed the Canadian  "9/11" because until now, Canada was viewed as a peaceful backwater, which was beyond the reach of the Islamists. This once again shows that nowhere is immune.  Certainly these attacks represent a "coming of age" of Canada in terms of the world-wide war against Islamism. In response to the attacks PM Harper warned that Canada will redouble its efforts to defeat the forces of Islamism in cooperation with the US Coalition.
2. Egypt: A series of attacks in northern Sinai took the lives of 33 Egyptian soldiers last week.  A group of Islamist terrorists attacked a check-point near Al-Arish and killed 30 soldiers while simultaneous attacks occurred in Al-Arish killing another 3.  The Egyptian Govt. has announced that these terrorists actually came from Gaza, although there are plenty of radicalized Beduin roaming Sinai as well as supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, that Egyptian Pres. al-Sisi has banned. According to reports these terrorists came thru a tunnel under the border from Gaza, even though the Egyptian military was supposed to have closed all those tunnels.  In response Egypt has closed the border with Gaza,  specifically the Rafah crossing, and has imposed a three km buffer zone from the Gaza border to prevent further infiltration.  Maybe Israel should do the same.  Pres. al Sisi has also cancelled the indirect peace talks between Israel and Hamas that were due to be renewed in Cairo. In relation to Hamas, Egypt and Israel now have very similar interests, and Egypt also has a blockade of Gaza, although no-one seems to care about that, there is no BDS movement against Egypt.  Ask yourself why not?
3. Israel: Last week an Arab from a village adjoining Jerusalem, Isawiya, where there has been constant Arab rioting, deliberately drove his car into a line of people waiting for the light rail tram in the French Hill neighborhood.  Two were killed, including a baby of a few months and a young Ecuadorian woman who was a convert to Judaism, who died a few days later. The perpetrator ran from his car and was pursued and shot dead.  Although PM Netanyahu said that he will bolster the security presence in Jerusalem, this always comes after people have died.  Where is the security presence in advance of these senseless killings.  At the same time, prior to the major attack in Sinai, a large gang of terrorists attacked both Egyptian and Israeli border guards.  Unfortunately, one Israeli guard was badly wounded, and it turned out to be the grandson of our beloved Rabbi Ervin Birnbaum.  He is currently recovering in the Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva. These attacks are a constant feature of life in Israel, but they do not deter us.  In any case they are going on all over the world.
4. USA:  Last week in New York City a crazy man with a hatchet attacked two NY policemen in the subway.  One was badly injured the other lightly.  They shot the attacker.  He was identified as Zale H. Thomson, also known as Zaim Farouq Abdul-Mali, a recent convert to Islam.

Although these attacks appear random they are the result of a world wide war being waged by Islamists as individuals and groups against all western civilization.  These are not "criminal attacks," they are terrorist attacks that represent a "clash of civilizations." If you don't see a pattern here, your pattern recognition ability is severely retarded.


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