Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The four more Jews and the Druse police guard murdered in the massacre at the Kehilat Yaakov Synagogue in Jerusalem during prayers yesterday  morning are further proof that there is no possibility of compromise with the Palestinians.  They have no intention or possibility of compromising with us over the existence of a Palestinian State in anything but the whole of Palestine, that for them includes Israel.  There were scenes of wild celebration in the West Bank and Gaza following the murders of these innocent Israeli Jews.  Can anyone understand rationally why they would shout "Allah Akhbar" while murdering religious Jews praying to the one God that Mohammed adopted from the Jews. 
Mahmud Abbas, the illegal ruler of the Palestine Authority, who is intending to approach the supposedly civilized UN to become the President of a recognized state, was supposed to have given up terrorism many years ago.  But, of course he will deny responsibility for this attack, just a Arafat did before him. Abbas issued a statement condemning the attack, although only after US Secty of State Kerry called him twice and pressured him.  CNN erroneously described the attack as being on a mosque, as if the Jews did it!  The BBC refused to show pirctures of the carnage in the synagogue, although they had no problem showing the deaths of people in Gaza during the recent war.  Such hypocrisy.
The basic premise of the West is at fault in dealing with the Palestinian issue. It assumes there is some kind of solution, some kind of plan that can rationally "solve" the situation, and some moves that Israel can take to persuade the Palestinians to compromise with us.  But, there actually is not.  There is no "two-state solution," it is a mirage of superficial western liberal thinking, which the good liberal Jews in the Diaspora have bought into. If only Israel did this or did that, maybe the Palestinians could be satisfied.  The Palestinians are our mortal eternal enemies, just as the Nazis were, and the only thing we can do is either defeat them or fail to survive.
At the present rate they are killing about 2 Jews per week, for the past four weeks or so.  At this rate it is going to take them a very long time to kill us all, but they are depending on terrorising us, either into accepting their dictates, or giving up altogether and running away.  What we must do is recognise reality, put guards on all our institutions, including synagogues, just as there are in the Diaspora, and fight the bastards.  Those who think that killing more of them will make them angry and upset (and frustrated) are not facing reality.  It is not their anger or frustration that is motivating them, it is an organized, calculated process of murderous attacks, to demoralize and kill us.  Those who think these attacks are spontaneous or individual are not facing reality.  We must respond in kind, as we did before, by building security fences to close them off and separate ourselves from them, and to take all the strategic locations from where they might attack us and either kill them or starve them out.  I see no alternative.
Yes, there are good Arabs, just as there were good Germans, but unfortunately the good ones don't make the attacks and don't decide the policies.  The Muslim Arabs have a peculiar culture of death, violence and killing.  To survive we must kill them more than they kill us, and yet retain our humanity, just as the Allies did durng WWII.  Ultimately its the only way to survive.


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