Friday, November 07, 2014

Terror in Jerusalem

In another terrorist attack in Jerusalem, a Hamas member driving a van deliberately crashed into a group of border policemen, killing one, and then hit people waiting for the light rail train and injured 16 altogether.  When his van eventually crashed, he exited the van with an iron bar to attack people, but was shot dead by a policeman.  Pres. Abbas of the PA immediately issued a statement calling the man, Ibrahim al Aqari, a hero!  The border policeman killed was a Druse officer, Jidan Assad, from Beit Jann.   Such is the divide between Israel and the Palestinians.  US Secty of State Kerry called the attack an "atrocity."  In another incident three IDF soldiers were run down on the West Bank and injured, they managed to shoot the driver.  Last week in a similar incident, another Hamas member drove into a line at a rail stop killing two, including a baby and an Ecuadorian immigrant to Israel.  If anyone thinks these attacks are "coincidental" they are deluded. 
Meanwhile rioting continued on the Temple Mount by Arab youths, throwing stones and firebombs at Jewish worshippers and police. The Israeli police fought back and managed to bring the situation under control, arresting several.  There is no doubt that this is a deliberate organized campaign of violence intended to exacerabate the situation in Jerusalem before the UN considers the Palestinian request for unilateral independence. 
There is one simple way to prevent the kind of fatal attacks that have been taking place in Jerusalem, do not employ known members of Hamas or persons formerly convicted of terrorism offences.  According to reports, the man who shot Rabbi Glick last week outside the Begin Center was  previously incarcerated in Israeli prison for security offences, and the two men who deliberately drove their vehicles into people were both Hamas members.  If the police know that, then these persons should simply not be allowed to drive in Israel, their licenses should be revoked.  This is akin to listing former sex offenders, since they are never cured of their disease.  Similarly, all Hamas members and all former terrorists, should be banned from driving and working in Jerusalem.  How many more must be killed and maimed before the police actually take preventative action.  Similarly, taking strong legal action against rioters throwing stones and petrol bombs would cause others to think twice before participating in organized riots.
If the media would spend as much time covering the deliberate terrorist murders carried out in Jerusalem by Hamas terrorists, as the amount of time spent on covering the take-over of land in Judea and Samaria (called the West Bank), and as much time covering the organized Arab rioting on theTemple Mount, including throwing stones and petrol bombs at Jewish worshippers, as the amount of time spent on covering the construction of apartments in Jerusalem, only then might the viewers and readers understand the equation.  There can be no peace and no peace process while the Palestinians riot and murder Jews.  On the contrary, in response Israel will continue to absorb land and build on it as it has a legitimate right to do under international law, whatever the UN and its Arab-subservient administrators say.  Will Western leaders condemn the incitement of Pres. Abbas, a supposed peace partner, as much as they rally to criticize PM Netanyahu for pursuing the rights of the Jewish people in the Holy Land?  Any analysis based on false premises will not stand.


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