Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Practical steps

I have read some weird and wonderful suggestions of what Israel should do to obtain peace in Gaza.  Perhaps the most ridiculous was to have a UN-based peace force, ha-ha!  Another was the Hamas-Qatari proposal, that was initially endorsed by US Secty of State Kerry, was to stop the Israeli blockade and open the Gaza Strip to all imports, ha-ha-ha!  Here are some other serious alternatives:
1. Attack Qatar with all the means available, economic and diplomatic, to stop Qatar funding not only Hamas but also the Islamic State in what was Iraq and Syria, and other Islamist organizations.  The US has great influence in Qatar, if the Congress and the Administration cannot stop Qatar funding extreme anti-American terrorist organizations, it should close its huge military base there.
2. Close down UNRWA, that is a fully western-funded subsidiary of Hamas, that stores Hamas missiles in its schools (three caches found so far), allows training of young terrorists in its facilities and are centers for Hamas brainwashing of children.  Twelve of the UNWRA executive in Gaza are Hamas members.  All actual remaining Palestinian refugees (of which there are only a few) should be governed by UNHCR, the UN refugee agency that is in charge of all other refugees in the world.  What is good for everyone else should be good enough for the Palestinians. Although there are some in the Arab world that might oppose this, now may be an opportune moment to pursue this objective.
3. Maintain extremely tight control over all building materials going into Gaza, since we know that they will be used to reconstruct the tunnel infrastructure that the IDF has gone to great lengths to destroy.  A tight blockade should also ensure that no missiles or other weapons can enter Gaza, so that Hamas cannot replace its missile arsenal. 
4. Cooperate with Egypt under Pres. Al-Sisi in order to not only close off the borders of Gaza to all illegal materials, but also cooperate with them in fighting Hamas and other terrorists in Sinai.
5. Split the Gaza Strip into two.  But, this time, instead of having civilian settlements there, have purely military IDF camps that are well-defended with concrete barriers and use them to lob artillery and shells into Gaza if they ever take offensive action against Israel.
These are all practical steps that Israel can undertake to prevent a recurrence of the recent conflict and to undermine Hamas.  If Hamas again attempts to attack Israel by bombarding Israel with hundreds of missiles a day (something that the Palestine Solidarity Committees ignore) then some or all of the above steps should be implemented as well as the military responses as before.  Those who oppose Israel should know two things, we are here by right and we are here to stay!


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