Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wave of terror

The shooting of a resident of Kfar Kana in the Galilee by Israeli police has resulted in more rioting.  But, consider that the police went to arrest another man for throwing fire bombs at police and as their vehicle drew up a young man, Heir Hamdan (22), attacked their vehicle with a knife trying to break the windows and when one of the policemen opened the door of the van the assailant then attacked him with the knife.  When the assailant backed off a bit, the policeman then opened the door and shot him.  This action was captured on film and in my eyes was a fully justified shooting. 
What kind of idiot attacks a police car with a knife then lunges at the police with a knife as they try to exit the vehicle, he had no expectation of living after that.  Do these Palestinians think they are invincible, maybe they believe Allah will protect them from  bullets?  Nevertheless, after the event they always claim that the killing was unjustified murder and now the Israeli Arab Monitoring Committee have called a three-day national strike over the incident.  Talk about escalating the situation.  The Israeli Government has said that the shooting will be investigated, but the Police Commissioner said he views the shooting as justified.  The police throughout the country are trying to put down these riots, but they are definitely being deliberately fomented throughout the region.
In retaliation there were several attacks on Israel Jews.  A Netanya resident who went to Taibe to visit his Arab friends, was set upon by a gang of 40 Arab youths and was beaten and his car was set afire.  Luckily some local Arabs intervened and saved his life and took him to the edge of town and delivered him to the security forces.  A group of police were then sent in to restore order and arrest the gang members. 
In Tel Aviv, at the busy Haganah train station, a Palestinian Arab youth in Israel illegally, tried to snatch the rifle of a soldier.  In the struggle the youth stabbed the soldier in the gut and fled.  He was later found hiding in a building and was arrested.  The knife was recovered at the scene and the soldier unfortunately died, he was Almog Shiloni (20) from Modiin
On the West Bank, at the Etzion Junction, opposite the site where the three teenagers were kidnapped and then killed some months ago, a Palestinian Arab drove up in a truck and when he couldn't drive into the line of waiting people due to a barrier, he parked and then attacked them with a knife, he killed a young woman Dalia Lamkus (26) from Tekoa and injured two soldiers before they shot him dead.  This kind of organized "spontaneous" incident is all too familiar, Islamic Jihad the pro-Iranian terrorist organization claimed credit.  That is what we are up against and I say that any suspicious activity should be met with immediate shooting, let's get them before they get us.  Otherwise the death toll will mount.  It seems this is the beginning of the third intifada. 


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