Friday, November 21, 2014

The organized massacre

An edited version of this letter appeared in The Jerusalem Post 20/11/14:
I totally disagree with the opinion expressed by Yaakov Lappin on the front page of The J. Post today ("Each attack inspires the next" 19/11/14).  He states "the latest horrific terrorist atrocity in Jerusalem appears to be the most recent in a series of unorganized Palestinian attacks, with no visible guiding hand of a larger organization behind it."   Yes, one morning the perpetrators got up and took guns, knives and an axe and found an undefended synagogue, by chance, and then went in and slaughtered Jews.  How naieve can you get?  Don't you think that this site was recconoitered, don't you think the perpetrators were prepared in advance, don't you think that they were given the go-ahead, don't you think they said their prayers before committing murder, don't you think they made sure their families were taken care of?   All of the terrorist attacks are coordinated, in secret, maybe only by word of mouth because of Israeli security, and are planned at the highest levels of the Palestine Authority. Just as Yasir Arafat did during the second intifada, but denied any connection to it.  We Jews are a monumentally stupid people, we give our enemies the benefit of the doubt, for example, most of those who went through the gates at Auschwitz believed "Arbeit macht frei."  You can't combat an evil enemy unless you know what you are dealing with. 
Jack S. Cohen
This idea that the current wave of terrorism is "disorganized" and "spontaneous" is ludicrous. It's all organized through the contacts of terrorist organizations, families, clans and political parties.  When a certain district of youths are called to go out and riot, its all arranged in advance, they know what they have to do and where to do it.  They prepare their stones and petrol-bombs, and have their knives and even guns ready in advance.  When the Jewish underground wanted to escape from Acre Prison in 1948, it was all arranged and coordinated in advance (see the film "Exodus") without the British even being aware of it.
Unfortunately, people at the highest level of the Israeli Government also show this naieve stupidity.  The head of the Shin Bet Israeli intelligence service Yoram Cohen has gone on record saying that you cannot blame Mahmud Abbas for the current unrest, rioting and murders.  He ignores the fact that Abbas directly incited his population to take up arms to prevent Jews from going up to the Temple Mount.  In fact, Yoram Cohen blames the Jews for going there, and hence providing the Palestinian Arabs with an excuse to riot and kill.  What is his policy, if we Jews give up all our rights maybe the Arabs won't have any reason to kill us any more?  How does someone with such a perverted grasp of reality become the head of intelligence?  It boggles the mind.  Dep Transportation Minister Tzipi Hotovely has called on PM Netanyahu to fire him as being totally unfit for his position.
As further evidence of the organization of these riots, first the Israeli customs intercepted a huge shipment at Ashdod port of fireworks, knives and taser guns headed to Beit Hanina, one of the focal points of the Palestinian riots.  You can't have a riot without the necessary material.  Also, Hamas has called openly for a "day of rage" against Israel's supposed "desecration" of the Al Aksa mosque.  This is of course a lie, there is no desecration, only police protecting the Jews praying at the Western Wall and other visitors, and PM Netanyahu has announced numerous times that there are no plans, whatever individuals might say, for the Government to change the status quo at the Mosque.   So let's get real and fight this organized wave of terrorism against us.


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