Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Syrian fallout

As a result of thousands of Sunni Muslims from Europe and the US  going to Syria to fight against the pro-Shia Assad regime and becoming radicalized, must we then accept our people to be murdered on the streets of Europe?  Are we to become fair game for any returning Muslim with a gun?  This is what happened as a result of the radicalization of Muslims after the Afghan war (at that time with the USSR) that spawned al Qaeda.  Are we to see another wave of terrorist violence from returning Syrian combatants?
Mehdi Nemmouche, a French Algerian Muslim, who had returned from fighting in Syria, was arrested by French police in Marseille.  He was supposedly apprehended on a drugs trafficking charge, but he was still carrying the same guns and wearing the same clothes that he wore when he attacked the Jewish Museum in Brussels and killed four people a few days before.  He also had a CD on him in which he took responsibility for the attack, in order to kill Jews.  So he managed to cross the Belgian-French border carrying two guns immediately after the shooting.  What does this say about Belgian-French anti-terrorist cooperation?  I suggest that until such anti-terrorist activity is greatly strengthened Jewish tourists are unsafe in most of Europe. 
The main question is was Nemmouche a "lone wolf"?  Did he act alone and at his own instigation?  I am sure that he did not!  He did not go from Syria back to France and then choose to attack the Jewish Museum in Brussels totally on his own.  How did he choose it, who planned and organized the attack, where did he get the weapons?  How did he know the Jewish Museum in Brussels had no security whatsoever, not even a metal detector or a police guard!  The French police have already arrested four more French Muslims who have been operating a jihadist ring, recruiting people to go and fight in Syria, and then help them to return and carry out actions on European soil.  This brings to mind the terrible attack by Mohammed Merah in Toulouse in 2012 who murdered four Jews and two others, that shook France.  These attacks add fuel to the campaign of those who oppose foreign and particularly Muslim immigration to France, such as the Front National.  The FN started out as traditionally anti-Semitic, but ironically in the wake of these attacks it has become more anti-Muslim and less anti-Semitic.  Both the FN and French Jewish organizations are calling for French government action against those returning from Syria.  Politics makes strange bed-fellows.


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