Thursday, June 05, 2014

American shame

I was shocked, but not surprised, when the State Dept. announced that the US has given immediate recognition to the Fatah-Hamas Unity Government that was installed in the Palestine Authority today.  In my previous blog, "Palestine Unity Government," I enunciated the reasons why both Hamas and Fatah have decided at this time to rejoin forces.  But, not one reason why they combined has anything to do with peace or reconciliation with Israel.  While Pres. Abbas maintains that nothing has changed, he is openly contradicted by the Hamas spokesmen who declare their eternal enmity to Israel. 
Yet, the Obama Administration, as always, acts as the "useful idiots," who accept Abbas's word that the new PA Govt. still want to maintain their involvement in the peace process.  This is wishful thinking raised to the level of high art.  Hamas is a radical Islamist terrorist organization, recognized as such by the UN, the EU and even the US.  How can anyone believe that a Palestinian Government that includes Hamas can have anything to do with peace?  It defies logic and involves self-deception, but this is something that the Obama Administration is excellent at.  If Secty. of State Kerry thinks this new situation has anything to do with peace he is so naieve and completely self-deluded.
PM Netanyahu wasted no time in publicly lambasting this decision of the US Government in unusually harsh terms.  Not only is this a self-defeating act for a county that has an established policy not to recognize terrorist-led governments, but it is also a stab in the back for Israel.  Netanyahu requested all western governments to think and hesitate before recognizing such a government that includes Hamas, but the US did not hesitate.   The same Obama Administration that recognized the Muslim Brotherhood Government of Pres. Morsi of Egypt, was also in a hurry to recognize the Hamas-containing  Government of the PA.  
One excuse given by the State Dept. spokesman Jen Psaki for this recognition is that this PA Government is one of "technocrats."  But, everyone knows that these technocrats have no actual power, they are controlled by the powers of Fatah and Hamas.  And who can guarantee that Hamas will not only be pulling the strings, but that in short time Hamas will out-maneuver Fatah, as they did in Gaza, and then take over the West Bank.  This would be a disaster for Israel and also for the so-called peace process.  If Kerry negotiates with a partial Hamas Government, how can he then justify not accepting a fully Hamas Government, especially if it is elected.  It is clear that the Obama Administration has crossed a red-line, and Netanyahu for one will take appropriate action, which Obama typically failed to do in Syria. 
The State Dept also announced that the US will continue to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to the PA.  Some of this is used to reward terrorists who have murdered Americans and Israelis, and other of this money will be used to support terrorism and other actions against Israel.  I urge all US citizens to send a note criticizing this shameful and inappropriate action by the Obama Administration to the White House and to Senators and Congressmen.


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